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Baseus 6-in-1 Type-C Network Multi-functional HUB (Type-C to 3xUSB3.0+HD4K+RJ45+PD) CAHUB-DZ0G


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  • Material: Aluminum + Sapphire Glass + ABS
  • Plug: USB-C
  • Connectors: 3x USB 3.0,
  • HDMI 4K 30Hz HD
  • RJ45 Network Port
  • PD Power Port : 60W
  • 6 Month Warranty 

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Baseus 6-in-1 Type-C Network Multi-functional HUB (Type-C to 3xUSB3.0+HD4K+RJ45+PD) CAHUB-DZ0G


Baseus Type-C Multi-functional HUB is an elegant hub with a USB-C plug and connectors: 3x USB 3.0, USB-C PD, HDMI and an Internet RJ45 connector. A sensational gadget that will expand the possibilities of your laptop or smartphone with completely new functions. It will allow you to connect to them, inter alia, flash drives or external drives, as well as charge the equipment at express speed and use a projector or TV screen. Perfect for anyone suffering from a chronic port shortage and … everyone in general.

USB for everyone! 

  • The hub extends the number of USB connectors on the computer by as many as 6 additional ports  ( 3x USB 3.0 + USB-C PD + HDMI 4K, RJ40 )! With this amount, you can connect everything you want to it, and probably some more will remain.

Feel the power of USB 3.0

  • Among the ports offered by the splitter, 3 are USB 3.0 connectors that guarantee lightning-fast data transmission at the level of 5 Gbps . More than 10 times faster than its predecessor.

PD or the power of recharging

  • The USB-C PD port allows you to expressly restore the energy of your equipment while you do not lose the comfort of its use. With a power of 60W , before you know it, your laptop or smartphone will be ready for action again. Thanks to the USB Type C PD connector, you can connect an external hard drive to this HUB.

When the screen is too small

  • The HDMI connector allows you to connect a projector or TV to your computer , which will provide you with a truly cinematic experience while watching movies at home. However, thanks to the support for the 4K standard , the played video will be presented in excellent quality.

“On the cable” means sure

  • The RJ45 port allows you to connect the Internet to your computer or smartphone “over the cable”, which will solve all problems with the speed and stability of the connection. The accessory automatically adjusts to your connection speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) and ensures that you will not lose connectivity at the climax of streaming movies or virtual gameplay.

Highest efficiency

  •  Each connector is controlled by a separate chip that manages its functions . This solution is a guarantee of the highest efficiency of the accessory, regardless of the number of devices connected to it.

Signal quality unchanged

  • You can easily connect a wireless mouse or keyboard to the splitter. The signal will be as stable as when connecting the equipment directly to the computer a. You can forget about delays.

Light, small and extremely durable

  • The adapter weighs less than 85 grams and has a compact size , so its transport is practically hassle-free . In addition, it is made of high-quality materials (aluminum + sapphire glass + ABS), which makes it really difficult to damage.

Elegant mirror surface

  • Extraordinary functionality is one thing, but the first thing that catches the eye is undoubtedly its delicate, mirror surface. Made of sapphire glass, this cover not only looks great, it is also extremely scratch-resistant . Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy the stylish design of the gadget for a long, long time.

Helpful LED

  • A small LED with a delicate blue light will inform you about the activity of the accessory . A quick glance is enough to know if the equipment is active and ready for operation.

Just plug in

  • Hub does not require additional programs or hundreds of drivers . All you have to do is plug it into a free USB-C port and you’re done. You can start using it right away.


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Specifications :

  • Material: Aluminum + Sapphire Glass + ABS
  • Plug: USB-C
  • Connectors: 3x USB 3.0, HDMI 4K, USB-C PD, RJ45
  • Power: 60W
  • HDMI: 4K / 30Hz HD
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight: ~ 80g
  • Cable length: 15 cm


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